Jeff Koeze's Blog Good Food, Good Business, and the Good Food Business

Who is Jeff Koeze?

I am part owner of three businesses:  Koeze Company, Koeze Direct, and Nuthatch Software.

Koeze Company was founded in 1910 as a wholesale produce, butter and egg business by my great-grandfather Sibbele Koeze.  My grandfather and father in turn ran Koeze Company.  I've been at the helm since May of 1997. We currently roast nuts, make chocolate confections, and make peanut butter.  Koeze Company operates two retail stores here in Grand Rapids as Albertus Koeze & Company and operates a product fund-raising company called Third Coast Partners.

Koeze Direct is the mail order and web sales, marketing, and distribution company that I founded in 2000.  I had big dreams during the dot-com run up.  Luckily I didn't have the money to pursue them.

Nuthatch Software is a custom software house that I own with a genius named Tim Schultze.  We aspire to be agile.

Over the years I've been in involved in a bunch of different community activities.  Currently I serve on the board of the Local First Education Foundation (our Local First is an affiliate of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), am the fellow at the Grand Valley State University Center for Business Ethics, and I am a board member of the Greater Wyoming Community Resource Alliance, the Wyoming Economic Development Commission, and the Wyoming Brownfields Redevelopment Authority.  (That is Wyoming as in the City of Wyoming, Michigan, not the state.)

Before entering the business world I was an Associate Professor of Public Law and Government at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government.  My field there was health care law and policy with an emphasis on public health.

I am also an angel investor and participate in the Grand Angels, our local angel band.