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Add Us to the List…..Sigh

This morning we checked the FDA web site as we have been doing several times every day.  We discovered that one of our suppliers, who had previously confirmed that they had no product from the PCA plant in Blakely, did in fact buy peanuts that originated in the PCA Texas plant.  One of those products, milk chocolate covered peanuts, is an item that we buy and then sell from behind the candy counter in our two retail stores here in Grand Rapids.  (We don't sell this item in any other way.)

Thankfully, there are no reports of illness associated with this item, which was distributed nationally by our supplier to many retailers.  The manufacturer's press release also says that the product and their plant tested negative.

So add us to the ever-growing list of folks forced to call back products.  As soon as the FDA gets our information up on their website, I'll plug in a link to both our notice and to that of our supplier.

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