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Fun Catalog Copy — Despair, Inc.

Despair, Inc. is the company that produces usually clever and sometimes brilliant parodies of the motivational posters from Successories.  They also have  produced some notable catalog copy over the years, including this from a mailer I received today:

If you received this special early Fall Preview Guide, there's only one explanation.  You've earned the privilege. How?  By having outspent all those penny-pinching chumps who litter our mailing list like so, uh ... Litter?

Of course, we'll soon be mailing a catalog to them as well, pretending that they're every bit as special as we want you to believe that you are.

I think they meant to say "like so much" at the end of that first sentence,  but what better way to set up merchandise that pokes fun at dumb motivational messsages than by poking fun at dumb "you're so special" catalog copy?

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