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Infrastructure and Locavores, Part II

In response to my last post, my turkey raising partner sent me the following email.  He argues that small scale farming is inherently a communal activity:

It's not only lack of ag. infrastructure, but also the lack of a
coherent and functioning ag community.

Unlike 25 years ago, I have not one farm experienced neighbor to call on
to assist me in anything. Luckily Spaans from SD moved in.

Many farm tasks, by their nature are communal in flavor, haying and
harvesting mainly, but also on a lesser scale, moving stock, stretching
fence, heavy machinery repairs, borrowing equipment in an emergency and
on and on.

There is no one. We are all gone. At best, the neighbors are remedial,
white collar idiots who would all perish of hunger in a month. Do you
think for one second I could call up one of those folks and rely on them
to come down and actually help me, I mean help me in a way that is
meaningful, which means they know what to do? To have them help me rope
down a sick beef, give him and injection and castrate him at the same

It's all ruined and gone bad and there is no saving it.

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