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Powerpoint Banned, at least by me

Those who know me know that I hate Powerpoint.  I refuse to use it and have attempted to ban it internally at Koeze Company, Koeze Direct, and Nuthatch Software.  My co-workers always giggle nervously when a salesperson hauls out the slides, but I'm usually quite nice about it.

Among the things I hate about Powerpoint is that its use encourages passivity, as VC Fred Wilson points out in his blog:

A presentation is like a TV show. It's a lean back experience. A discussion is like an online chat room. It is a lean forward experience. They are not the same thing and in many cases they work against each other.

The last word on Powerpoint is Edward Tufte's essay The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint.  Federal law should prohibit use of slide/presentation software by those who have not read and passed a test based on this essay.

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