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Studying the FDA’s Observations at PCA, #10

Observation #10 -- Finally!

Roaches!  Yikes.  I lived in the South for many years.  Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina.  Washington, D.C.  Charlottesville, Virginia.  And in New Orleans.  Being of Dutch descent and raised in a family of fanatical cleaners, I never adjusted to the roaches.  There are roaches everywhere in Dixie.  When our kids were small, messy eaters we once had roaches in our SUV.

This is not to defend PCA, but to keep roaches out of a South Georgia peanut plant it would have to be sealed as tight as drum.  If the FDA's reports and press accounts are correct, the PCA plant was not.

Pest control is a huge deal in the peanut business, because everything that crawls, flies, and walks seems to love to eat peanuts.  It is a matter of endless vigilance.

The FDA has posted the report on its inspections of the PCA facility on the FDA website, here.  As PCA has noted on its website, the FDA's findings are not final, and PCA will have the opportunity to respond

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