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Studying the FDA’s Observations at PCA, #5

Halfway there.  This is number 5 of 10 FDA "obersvations." The FDA has posted the report on its inspections of the PCA facility on the FDA website, here.  As PCA has noted on its website, the FDA's findings are not final, and PCA will have the opportunity to respond.

Observation #5 deals with leaks around skylights and air conditioning units.  Anytime one cuts a hole in the roof of an industrial building for skylights, air conditioning, exhaust, roof access -- you name it -- you risk a leak.  Enough holes in your roof, and a leak will happen, regardless of your vigilance in inspection and caulking.  In fact, even with no holes in your roof, the typical steel pre-engineered building will leak.  This is not to excuse PCA, especially if press accounts are accurate indicating that they had ongoing active leaks.   The issue is not leaks, but whether you fix them right away and make sure that no product is affected.

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